PSL INSIDER MEMBERSHIPS: Annual Set up Fee 49.99 Plus Membership Package

The best way to save is to become a PSL INSIDER

Membership gives you PERKS!!!! 

*Complimentary Ciara's Sauna Detox after each session
*Priority Scheduling
*VIP access to PSL events and promotions
*One Free service during Birthday Month

Annual Set Up Fee is Per Person, Not Per Membership

And MUST be purchased for any membership 

Loyal Doll Membership $35.00 per month 

20% off all appointments booked via PSL website

and (1) FREE eyebrow or underarm wax 

This does not include any additional memberships or packages 

Body Contouring

The best way to save is to become a PSL insider. Membership gives you PERKS!!!! 

Your membership allows you to choose 1 of the following each month: 
(1) Cardi's Lipo, (1) Onika's Butt Lift or (1) Megan's Body
*Locks you into a $110 price throughout the month. That's a $40.00 savings.

Annual Set Fee Plus $110 per month
Each session booked will be at the rate of $110, even if our price goes up. 

Spa Packages

Green Room: $125.00 per month
Lunch Time Express Facial and V-Steam 
Total Value $175.00 

Backstage: $350.00 per month
Pretti Signature Facial
Brazilian Wax
Vajacial and V-Steam
Total Value $425.00

Red Carpet: $400.00 per month 
Pretti Extreme Facial 
Brazilian Wax
Steak or Lobster Lunch
Total Value $500.00

Soldier - Men's Spa Package $275.00 per month

Royal Treatment Signature Facial
Back Facial 
Lobster or Steak Lunch 

Total Value: $350.00


Loyal Waxing $90.00 per month
(1) Choice of Brazilian or Bikini Wax
(1) Vajacial complete with Customized Hydrojelly Mask and Extractions

Wax-Tastic $1200.00 per year

Annual package of 12 Bikini or Brazilian Waxes
VIP Scheduling (outside or normal hours excluding Sunday)
Customized Hydrojelly Mask
Total Value $1560.00