Permanent Makeup Services are performed by our sister company, Pretti Artistry, LLC.

Ombré Brows also known as Microshading. Ombré brow are a semi permanent eyebrow styling technique that uses a small machine to place pigment into the skin creating a soft-shaded brow pencil look.

​Numbing cream is applied before the procedure begins and also during the duration of the procedure. leaving pain to be minimum to none.

​During the consultation, Jeannette will review the desired brow shape with the client. Jeannette will then follow by pre drawing your brows on to get your approval of the shape. Once the shape is approved the service officially begins. 

A perfecting brow touch-up is required at 6 weeks.

Regular color boosting touch-ups ​are required on a yearly or bi-yearly basis depending on how your color holds the pigment and should be booked at the time of initial service.

If you are currently pregnant, breastfeeding, using retin-a or accutane you are not a good candidate for permanent makeup.


- Do not work out 24 hours before procedure.
- No alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before procedure.
- Avoid sun and tanning one week prior to procedure.
- Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Advil/Ibuprofen 24 hours before
- No brow waxing, tinting, microdermabrasion or chemical peels one week
- Discontinue Retin-A 4 Weeks Prior.  
- Do not use AHA skincare products close to the eyebrow area 2 weeks prior
to and 2 weeks after your procedure.
- No Botox around the brow area 2 weeks prior.
- Please Note: You will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.